The interactive shopping experience

FashionWall combines real life shopping with online activities

  • FashionWall social media shopping
  • FashionWall social media shopping

Introducing FashionWall

FashionWall is the new interactive shopping experience. FashionWall shows the entire collection in your store window. Shoppers can browse through all the products displayed in the shop window. Through their mobile phone, shoppers can instantly order the products they like. FashionWall displays social media posts for the ultimate online presence. Using Kinect, shoppers can swipe through the collection!

The collection in the store window

Display all shop products in your store window and start the interaction.
FashionWall combines all of the store's online activities, including your webshop and social media channels, with real life shopping.

Shop 24 hours mobile

Shop instantly online, even after closing!
Using their mobile phone with the FashionWall app or through the QR code, shoppers instantly order their favorite products online.

Social media integration

Integrate social media posts and boost your online awareness.
FashionWall allows shoppers to comment on every displayed item. This creates a unique and valuable interaction between offline and online fans of your collection. Stores and shoppers can upload their own photos through to create a personalized window.

Shoppers in control

Swipe through the collection using hand gestures or using your smartphone
Shoppers can browse through the displayed collection using their mobile phone or using Kinect-powered hand gestures.

Context aware shopping

Show related products and webshop ordering options.
Through the use of the tags in the clothing FashionWall can show related products to the clothes that people fit. Display instantly the current stock status in the webshop.

Augmented reality

Virtual fitting using a camera combined with your collection
Shoppers can use camera visuals of themselves for virtually fitting other outfits. This allows people to easily try new things.